We are a Thai subsidiary of JTEKT Japan, which was created by the merger of the former bearing and steering manufacturer Koyo Seiko and the former machine tool and steering manufacturer Toyoda Machine Works. Originally, we advanced into Thailand to carry out maintenance of JTEKT machine tools running in the Southeast Asia region and to expand sales of the products. The three main products we handle are a cylindrical grinder, a horizontal machining center, and a vertical machining center.

We also handle mechatronics products, and we can sell and provide training to customers about control-related products such as operation panels and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that electrically controls machines. We will deliver the best customization to our customers, going beyond the boundaries of equipment manufacturers.


A long-term comprehensive maintenance service that leverages the strengths of the JTEKT Group
Our greatest strength is the extensive maintenance service that can be done because we are the JTEKT Group, which belongs to the Toyota Motor group. Processing machines such as grinders and machining centers must continue working for decades once purchased. We will provide extensive maintenance to maintain stability and durability throughout the product’s life.

Also, consumable parts must be replaced during this period. We have a system in place to meet these after-sales service needs at any time. Our Thai engineers have acquired high-level techniques through dispatch to the factory in Japan and training there. We also have a well-functioning system in Thailand with veterans that educate new employees. The passing down of the technical skills within our company will be lead to customer a worry-free operation and better quality.

Our machine tools are widely used in ASEAN countries. In each country, we provide customer service through sales agents, but depending on the needs, we dispatch engineers from Thailand to respond. We are also contributing to MONOZUKURI in emerging countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia, where growth has been considerable.

Being at the forefront of the industry means having the right machine tools for the job. Toyoda complete line of machines range from vertical and horizontal machining centers to grinding machines, bridge and gantry machines to turning centers. Developed with the operator in mind, our machines utilize Fanuc and Toyoda controls for ease of use and optimal efficiency. With first-class design, unsurpassed technology, and the support of thoughtful engineering, Toyoda builds more than just a great machine; it manufactures precision and performance at its finest.

Toyoda machines are engineered of innovators, and built with the speed, strength, and capacity to get you there. From job shop applications to high-volume production, Toyoda exceeds your quality and precision expectations.




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