Machine Inspection             

           The pursuit of Reliability - one of our starting points. The stable accuracy and improved MTBF (mean time between failures) are necessary in order for the customer to feel assure with product reliability. We are not only provide you information and solution , But we also have to ensure that every machine form JTEKT will be well performance and working with high productivity.

           When manufacturing required a machine. We begin with understanding various customer needs and establishing a total control system, Start with the product design based on  dedicated R&D activities through to a rigid quality control processes that ensure stable production. Therefor, The performance test machine is one of the most important process for every machine of JTEKT.

  Why Machine Inspection is crucial ? 

Machine Regular inspection is one of maintenance process to maintain machine performance and  increase reliability on production.

         - Machine regular inspection based on maintenance checklist
         - Increase machine productivity and availability
         - Maintain machine performance and extent life machine
         - Be able to monitoring the machine which parts we necessary to improve or replacement form our report
         - Be able to planing for machine repair or overhaul


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                                                            Our JTEKT  Service engineer has unique skills and experts  to ensure your machine will be operate with high performance and reliability on production
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