After Sale Service & Maintenance support  

JTEKT MACHINERY (THAILAND) CO., LTD. We are not only offer our machine and technology to customers, We also dedicate and willingness to support and provide service and information including the solutions for all of our customers both of domestic and oversea countries whether in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam,  Philippines and other countries over ASEAN region our service engineers  are promptly to support your manufacturing wherever you are.

  Preventative Maintenance  

Preventing troubles with equipment before they occur requires understanding of the state of the equipment. JTEKT's experienced specialists perform intense inspection and diagnostics using high-level service technology. We provide support which strengthens equipment reliability and security.

  Maintenance Support                 
           ■ On-site Service
              JTEKT service persons will be visit customer plants to perform inspections. Our service will verify safety and preservation measures answer any customer questions or concerns.

           ■ Maintenance Assistance
             - Maintenance and inspection package 
             - Maintenance Agency package
             - Preventive Maintenance package
             - Equipment Diagnosis package
            ■ Maintenance Agreement
            • Grinders  
             - Wheel spindle maintenance agreement
             - Auto-sizer maintenance agreement
             • Machining Centers
- Spindle maintenance agreement
             - Table maintenance agreement
             - ATC maintenance agreement  

              Malfunction/Breakdown remote diagnosis service 
Our service-persons can detect the status of customer equipment using remote diagnostics function, and give solid advice  to quickly resolve problem.      

 Production maintenance improvement support  

              ■  Periodic maintenance improvement support
                   We have established a long-term maintenance plan for retaining equipment in  sound condition , The plan encompasses not only periodic inspection and diagnostics, but also provides maintenance meeting with customer according to customer's requests. We cooperate with costumes to provide services which keep equipment working performance good as new machine.
              ■ Analysis /Diagnostics by "Visible" technology
Our service engineer team will be analyze error source logically by employing analysis equipment, contactless displacement sensors etc. and make proposals for early problem solutions and improvement of productivity, Equipment status is recorded by the continuous servo sampling function embedded with our company-made CNC. From the record date we are able to spot points of variation and resolve problem early.
              ■ Operation ratio assistance
With unique " visible" technology perfected within the automobile industry, We are able to analyze sources of defectiveness  and short breakdowns. This enable us to establish countermeasures within preventative maintenance , improving operation ratio

   Contact Service Center   

Many service and repair procedures must be performed by  fully understand machine working and operation and training and experience. 
Please contact our expertise service engineer, We arrange  our team to visit  your plant to support your machine.
Direct Contact Service Department : +66-2361-8250 , +66-2-361-0028-9  Ext. 21



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