JTEKT's spindle promises assurance over a long period and takes maintenance into consideration.

The performance of the machining center depends on the Spindle.
The spindle serves as a core of the machining center. JTEKT sticks to the spindle, which is important because it is located near the cutting point, to keep stable cutting accuracy.

JTEKT's dedicated spindle manufacturing
The spindle is the heart of the machining centers and as such  it is manufactured under struct accuracy control, Confirmation checks look at dynamic balance, temperature, vibration, noise and so forth and, after ensuring all allowable limit has been maintained and the spindle is installed in the machine.

  JTEKT Spindle Rebuilding and Repair Service   

          After many years of machine operation, We understand that machine working ability can be decrease form the operation. In order to maintain machine operation capacity performance working well in line production. Manufacturer has a choice whether to repair, rebuild or replacement the spindle for your machine depend on the spindle performance and your requested. We always available to support you.

           JTEKT is the owner of proprietary design and manufacturing techniques, We have professional and expertise team who has high experiences and knowledge for that ready to dedicated to support your manufacturing whether Thai or Japanese service engineer.

            In addition, JTEKT has "Spindle Rebuilding Room" which is one part of  "Overhaul Center" located in JTEKT Thailand , Bangwua, Bang Pakong, Chachengsao with 159,108  sq.meters that ready to support both of machine overhaul or spindle rebuild as well as other equipment installation for your machine.

  Our Service Highlight  

- On-site evaluation, component are cleaned, inspected, measures, balanced and update machine performance report to customer before reassemble.
- Spindle service support directly from customer manufacturing to "Toyoda's spindle rebuild center"
- Spindle diagnosis of your defective spindle and provide customer recommendation for spindle repair or replacement.
- "Customized spindle repair service" only using the original spindle for each machine model form machine manufacturer.
- We have both of Thai and Japanese professional installation JTEKT's service engineer team has well trained technician can rebuild JTEKT's spindle back manufacturer specification
- Full options of spindle rebuild whether bearing replacement, drawbar assy, seal and etc.
- Test clamp force and test machine run-out after reassembled before return machine to customer'
- Long-term reliability through the strict product manufacturing standards by JTEKT's service engineer.
- 6 months warranty spindle rebuild to original factory specifications after rebuild and delivery.



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